Many of our youth initiated past projects have become a successful program funded by the City or supported by other community organizations!

Ever wonder how to take an idea and do something with it?  Bellevue Youth Link has been bringing together young people and caring adults to address community issues for over 23 years!  From organizing a city-wide youth conference every two years to developing successful community partnerships and projects, Youth Link is all about “involving and solving.”

Some of our past projects include:

Biennial Youth Involvement Conference

Every two years, Bellevue Youth Link hosts a city-wide youth involvement conference that brings together hundreds of Bellevue school students, educators, community providers, public officials, and members of the business community to discuss important issues affecting young people.  The event features guest speakers, youth-friendly workshops, and afternoon priority voting session where young people can vote on their most important community issues.  The results are then turned into a working road map addressed by the Bellevue Youth Link program.

Skate Parks

Bellevue has four skate parks thanks to the leadership of Youth Link Bellevue Indoor Skatepark, Highland Skate Plaza, Crossroads Bowl, and Lakemont Skate Court. All four are safe and supervised areas for skateboarding. Youth Link members also helped create the Crag Climbing Wall at the South Bellevue Community Center. All of these facilities are managed by the Bellevue Parks & Community Services.

The Club (FKA, Ground Zero Teen Center)

The Club offers a safe, positive place for young people age 13-19 years old to participate in homework assistance, athletics, arts, community service, and technology.  The program operates at the Ground Zero Teen Center which is partnership of Bellevue Youth Link and the Boys & Girls Club of Bellevue.  The Club also provides music events, teen feed, and free clothes to teens as a Bellevue Youth Link Teen Closet partner.

South Bellevue Community Center - Climbing Wall and Challenge Course

Youth Link supported and funded the need for youth activities and a community center located in south Bellevue. The Challenge course program is one of the key elements in youth leadership, helping youth develop team building skills and self-esteem. In addition to organizing teens to testify on the need for structured activities in south Bellevue, Youth Link provided funding for the installation of the Climbing Wall and Challenge Course.